New technology simplifies production of biotech medicines

The final step in the production of a biotech medicine is finishing with the correct sugar structure. This step is essential for the efficacy of the medicine, but it also makes the production process very complex and expensive. Leander Meuris, Francis Santens and Nico Callewaert (VIB/UGent) have developed a technology that shortens the sugar structures whilst retaining the therapeutic efficiency. This technology has the potential to make the production of biotech medicines significantly simpler and cheaper.

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Datatec maintains ‘strong market position’ despite challenging environment

GLOBAL technology firm Datatec has maintained its dividend per share of 17 US cents for the year to February, it said on Wednesday.

Operating profit declined to $122.057m from $141.373m in the previous period.

The group maintained top-line growth, despite the operational difficulties faced by its largest division, Westcon, with revenues increasing by 8% to $5.69bn.

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IOT next big thing in technology, says MIMOS

KUALA LUMPUR: Internet of Things (IoT) is the next best thing in technology as it is the inevitable integration of enabling technologies, says Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems (MIMOS).

Its President and Chief Executive Officer Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah said technologies like Internet, wireless sensors, radio frequency identification, global positioning systems and more when combined could change the way the people live, work, study and play.

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American Cities Targeting Sustainability to Low-income Neighborhoods

Cities have gotten increased attention in the on-going UN deliberations on a new set of global sustainable development goals, but too often one key dimension of sustainability is overlooked or underappreciated – equity.  In this blog, reporter Sarah Glazer speaks with urban sustainability officials and experts about efforts in the U.S. to green cities and meet economic and social needs.

When Paul Young sets off on a bike lane in his hometown of Memphis he’ll pretty soon run into a dangerous intersection where the lane ends abruptly and the sidewalks are in disrepair.

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Saudi Arabia’s green decree brings hopes of sustainability

Happy days are here for Saudi Arabia‘s environmentalists. In early March, the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) announced a decree giving all companies five years to meet new air, water and noise pollution standards. All projects must fit into Saudi’s plan for international development, and must meet international benchmarks standards as part of the PME’s environmental plan to protect Saudi’s health and natural resources. The new regulations align with rules approved by Saudi’s Council of Ministers in 2008.

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