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How Entrepreneurship Can Help Fight Global Poverty

The last time we visited India we met a young man who we thought was a mischievous street kid. But he was in fact a harbinger of sustainable economic development.

Maybe 13 years old, he held his hand out for spare rupees. We offered instead to buy him lunch, and over chapatis and dhal he shared with us his hopes and dreams. “I want my own carrom board,” he said, referring to the portable, Indian equivalent of air hockey. He thought by renting the board out to passersby, he could earn money to eat and possibly escape his life on the street.

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Defying microgravity: Girls design experiment for space station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “Awesome.” That was the word I heard most often from four eighth-grade girls at St. Peter’s School as they talked about their microgravity experiment that will be conducted on the International Space Station.

“Our experiment is actually going into space!” team member Maureen Egan told me.

Awesome it is to hear girls talk about a science project with the enthusiasm and understanding that these four do. They’re excited that their experiment, “Oxidation in Space,” is the first to win from the state of Missouri as part of Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) Mission 5.

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Surreal Photos Show How Modern Agriculture Looks Nothing Traditional Farms

Cutting-edge agriculture combines ancient techniques with new innovations and extraordinary scale. The result can look like science fiction.

German photographer Henrik Spohler recently documented agricultural methods including genetic engineering of plants by scientists in Germany, “gigantic outdoor monocultures in the United States” and farming “under glass and plastic in the Netherlands and Spain,” to show “places where man has assumed the role of Creator.”

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5 artists inspired by modern architecture

Artists are often envisioning the future within their work—and architectural visionaries are often designing dwellings, offices, and other structures made from improbable points of perspective. The five artists below use photography and illustration to play with architectural spaces and lines—both real and imagined—and create inspiring images about structure. Scroll down to see outstanding work from these artists, from abstracted geodesic domes to minimalist interior landscapes.

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