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The new trends and big names in luxury furniture design

You can attach the “luxury” tag to furniture based on its price, but isn’t that, well, a bit cheap? Style and innovation – priceless qualities that underpin eye-catching design – are better benchmarks.

Certain trends stand out. Computer-controlled manufacture creates works of startling precision and complexity. Unusual materials, from burnt wood to beach detritus, recast ideas of what can be used to make a chair, table or light. Unique or limited-edition pieces, meanwhile, bring exclusivity to items of furniture more akin to the art world.

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The Desk 01 Is A Table Designed For Modern Technology

We’re not really in the habit of reporting about furniture, but when it comes to furniture designed to be used with technology in mind, you’ve definitely got our attention. A little over a month ago we reported on the SlatePro desk. The table on the surface appears to be a regular table, but in reality it comes with slots and cutouts designed for smartphones and tablets which we admit is pretty clever.

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On Auction: 100 Design Relics from Niemeyer, Le Corbusier, FLW and More

Next week, a rare collection of over 100 relics designed by some of architecture’s most significant practitioners from the last two centuries will be auctioned off at the Philip’s in London. Ranging from a full-scale paper tea house by this year’s Pritzker laureate Shigeru Ban to the Peacock chair designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel, the items being showcased and sold are an ode to the ideas in which have had a profound impact on our built environment. 

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square chair by sebastian bergne for TOG uses open-source design

During milan design week 2014, furniture brand and creative community, TOG launched a series of 21 products, each combining elements of technology, open-source design and exclusive craftsmanship. as part of the collection, british designer sebastian bergne developed a family of stackable easy chairs with interchangeable backs, which are easily customizable. constructed using a powder coated aluminum frame, the seating object pairs injected polypropylene for the backrest and seat pan. the chair is reinforced with a high-strength injected polyamide seat ring.

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Open-Source Designs Could Turn You Into The Next Philippe Starck

TOG – also known as All Creators Together – is both a furniture brand and a creative community that seeks to combine the best of technology, humanity, and craftsmanship. They provide design collections in an open source format via an interactive online app, where customers can upload their own personal touches to pre-established designs from the likes of Philippe Starck. Elements like photos, beads, yarn, and stickers have been added so far, and colors, patterns, and geometry have also been altered. Products can either be shipped directly to the client’s home or downloaded as a 3D-printed file.

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