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What Food Companies Can Do to Promote Sustainable Development

The UN Global Compact has introduced a set of global voluntary business principles for the food and agriculture sector.

The Food and Agriculture Business Principles aim to help businesses realize the goal of sustainable development as described in the Rio+20 outcome document, The Future We Want.

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People first: green goals should not override ending hunger

With the deadline for achieving the millennium development goals less than two years away, international attention is shifting toward forming sustainable development goals for the post-2015 agenda. As we move forward, we must not pursue environmental sustainability at the expense of poor people’s food security and nutrition; the agenda must be people-focused. We must adopt a win-win strategy that promotes synergies and manages trade-offs between environmental sustainability, food security and improved nutrition, but this will require concerted efforts.

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Japan wants to build a space-based solar energy farm

A new proposal from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) lays out a plan that would solve the country’s energy woes for decades to come.

The power source? It’s actually a series of platforms launched into orbit around the planet with the purpose of collecting solar energy. Yeah, that’s right — a space-based solar energy farm, which is something straight out of a sci-fi novel.

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5 new things in agriculture technology

Mid-South farmers are adapting new technologies to make them more efficient and to improve profits. Unmanned aerial systems, solar power systems, mobile apps, precision technology and soil moisture sensors are just some of the new tools being put to use in Mid-South fields. Below are some recently introduced ag technologies.

Is there a new technology or a mobile app that has improved your farm operation? If so, share your information in the comment section at the end of this article.

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African agro-finance up 7%

THE African Union (AU) says public spending on agriculture in Africa has risen by over seven percent.
African Union commissioner for rural economy and agriculture Rhoda Peace Tumusiime commended the efforts in the increase in spending but said much more must be done on the continent.

“Following intensive efforts by the continental body to boost the agriculture sector through initiatives like the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) public spending on agriculture has risen. But this is not tine to rest, as  AU-member states we must ensure we tackle all challenges in order for transformative growth to take place on the continent,” Mrs Tumusiime said.
Speaking at the official opening of the African Union (AU) joint conference of ministers of agriculture, rural development, fisheries and aquaculture in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Monday, Mrs Tumusiime said for growth to be realized through the agriculture sector, the marginalised, vulnerable, women and young people must be taken care of.

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Mali: Morocco, Mali to Boost Agricultural Collaboration

Meknes — As part of the 7th National Symposium of Agriculture held Wednesday (April 23rd) in Meknes, Morocco and Mali are partnering to promote bilateral agricultural co-operation.

Mali will supply 10,000 hectares in the Office du Niger zone for agricultural exploitation by Moroccan financiers.

In addition, Moroccan investors will be exempted from a series of taxes and “as part of this partnership, Mali agrees to make available to Moroccan investors all the technical and administrative assistance for the implementation of agricultural projects in Mali,” Malian Rural Development Minister Bokary Tereta said at a press conference.

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Department Of Agriculture Is Fostering Innovation And Enterprise

For those of us that don’t really know what the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been up to lately, the Department has announced its innovative initiatives and patents acquired during fiscal year 2013, and I think you’ll find some of its activities pretty impressive. And did you know that the USDA might even be a resource to get one of your own inventions off the ground? 

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