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Using New Technology to Give Voice to the Voiceless

Simply by virtue of where they live, roughly 1.5 billion people are dangerously at risk of becoming a victim of violence this year. Families living in countries, cities and towns torn apart by war and criminal violence are particularly vulnerable. While lethal violence is always traumatic, the intentional killing of children is depraved. Yet more than 75,000 young people die violently each year due to the direct and indirect consequences of armed violence, most of them outside of conflict zones. Not surprisingly, some societies are more affected than others. Brazil — host to the World Cup next month — could be considered one of the world’s most violent. The nation’s homicide rate is classified as well above “epidemic” using World Health Organization standards. Roughly 50,000 are violently killed each year, with at least half of these preventable deaths consisting of adolescents and children.

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Green Cities, Selfies And Water Are The Highlights Of Earth Day 2014

Each year on April 22 numerous organizations, agencies, communities and citizens around the world join together to celebrate everything Earth. This year, one of the biggest events surrounding Earth Day is Earth Day Network’s “Green Cities Campaign.”

The Green Cities Campaign was launched in the fall of 2013 by the Earth Day Network (EDN) as a novel way to help cities around the world become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. The campaign is focused on three key elements – buildings, energy and transportation – to help cities move to a cleaner, healthier and more economically viable future.

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Vandana Shiva challenges the world’s lack of biodiversity

Like a growing number of people, Vandana Shiva wants to know where her food comes from. Gaining that knowledge starts small, with the seeds. The 61-year-old physicist, ecologist and author from Delhi, India, has been saving and collecting seeds for nearly three decades, and she is passionate about encouraging others to do the same. This, she has said, is a political act – a kind of revolution.

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UN launches practical guide to mobilizing action for disarmament

15 April 2014 – “Your deeds will have an impact…be the new leaders of change,” United Nations Messenger of Peace Michael Douglas urged today during an event launching the book, Action for Disarmament: 10 Things You Can Do!

Written for high school and early-college students, Action for Disarmament offers practical steps to help young people mobilize, act and promote the UN’s disarmament ideals throughout their schools, communities and beyond.

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Fighting disease with low-tech, low-cost home design

Equipped with funding from USB, a New York non-profit aims to reduce tuberculosis and malaria with home improvements

Carving out windows for cross ventilation, replacing dirt floors with concrete – these housing design strategies might seem like obvious ways to create cleaner and healthier living environments. But they still aren’t the default in many parts of the world.

That’s what Archive Global discovered when it set out to use design to reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases in poor communities. The New York City non-profit is a winner of this year’s Katerva Award in the urban design category, which spotlights businesses and other organizations for their sustainability innovations. (MBA Polymers was the overall Katerva Award winner). Archive is an acronym that stands for Architecture for Health in Vulnerable Environments.

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