Imergy: A Novel Vanadium Electrolyte Storage Technology

At remote cell tower sites in India and Africa, getting electricity to keep the telecommunications system running is a costly and difficult engineering challenge.  Some of the systems have weak connections to an unreliable and intermittent power grid, with diesel back-up. Other sites are off-grid, with only diesel engines to keep them functioning. Fuel is expensive, and shipping it is neither cheap nor easy. Theft of fuel is also a frequent occurrence.  It’s a tough place to have to run a cell tower. It’s also a bad place to have to use most kinds of batteries. Temperatures can average close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and max out at 125.

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CB2 Invites Pinterest Users To Design An Apartment In Real Time

If social media platforms in general are catalysts for people to present their best selves, then Pinterest in particular is the granddaddy of the fantasy life visualized. People pin pictures of the perfect shoes, the perfect DIY project, or the perfect décor on their visual bulletin boards; whether real life measures up to the flawlessly curated ideal doesn’t really matter, as long as one’s able to dream–and share with their followers their most impeccable taste.

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Toronto-Based Jewelry Startup Combines Architecture and 3D Printing

The combination of technology, jewelry and architecture has given rise to a new and innovative way to craft accessories. At Joseph Nogucci, founders and brothers, Mario Christian and Luca Daniel Lavorato, have embraced 3D printing to produce a unique line of bracelets.

Inspired by Japanese-American artist and designer Isamu Noguchi, the two year-old company was named Joseph Nogucci to represent a design collective rather than an actual person. Like Noguchi, the startup looks to push the boundaries of design to create “wearable architecture.”

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World’s most fuel-efficient hybrid wins major design award

The Volkswagen XL1, the world’s most fuel-efficient hybrid car, has been named winner of the transport category in the annual Designs of the Year Awards.

The car is one of 76 designs in seven categories which are on display at the Design Museum in London until August 25.

The innovative XL1 will now go on to compete for the Design of the Year 2014 award against the winners of the other categories – architecture, digital, fashion, furniture, graphic, product – with the overall winner announced on June 30.

Alibaba launches mobile-first search engine

Chinese ecommerce group Alibaba and mobile browser company UCWeb will launch a mobile search engine. The move is aimed at challenging rivals Baidu and Tencent and buttressing Alibaba’s presence on the mobile internet ahead of its US IPO later this year.

The project, known as Shenma (“sacred horse” in Mandarin, though it sounds similar to the phrase for “What?”), was announced on Monday by UCWeb, Alibaba’s joint partner in the launch, which makes a popular internet browser for smartphones with 500m users worldwide.

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Which Big Energy Users Are Getting Power From Green Sources?

Companies know that green power isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good marketing. Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency posted its National Top 100 list, which ranks the largest green-power users within its Green Power Partnership.

The partnership is a voluntary EPA program that requires partners with annual electricity usage of more than 100 million kWh to get at least 3% of that power from green sources. Organizations that use less energy are required to have a higher percentage. For example, a company that uses  less than one million kWh would need to have 20% of it come from green power, which is defined in the program as energy generated from solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, biomass and low-impact hydroelectric sources.

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