How to Train the Compassionate Brain

The first time I ever tried a loving-kindness meditation, I was overcome by a feeling of complete… futility. Mentally extending compassion to others and wishing them free from suffering seemed nice enough, but I had a hard time believing that my idle thoughts could increase kindness in the real world.

Turns out I was wrong.

A new study, just published online by Psychological Science, shows that training adults in a loving-kindness-style “compassion meditation” actually makes them significantly more altruistic toward others.

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Sustainable business: how we can learn from India’s ‘frugal’ innovators

“What we’re doing is essentially space technology at low cost”, says Lakshminarayan Kannan, founder of Vortex Engineering, laughing. “To do anything in rural India it has to be cost-effective, robust, reliable and energy efficient“, he adds. “It’s like sending something to Mars. You can’t send an engineer up there to fix it. The only difference is that you don’t have budget constraints in space technology!”

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